help-desk-good-fit-fw What Vendor Does

Malwarebytes is an industry leading anti-malware solution and internet security solution used in conjunction with our anti-virus solution as part of a comprehensive network security strategy. Although anti-virus does identify a large part of network intrusions, Malwarebytes compliments and expands upon those efforts by identifying more exotic and contemporary forms of intrusions such as Zero-hour malware, PUPS, and several types of Ransomware.


backup-solutions-fw Relationship to TSI

As a Malwarebyes partner, TSI is able to stay ahead of the ever evolving cyber threats that afflict today’s business community. We’ve recognized that the typical anti-virus’ capabilities, though useful, do not address the plethora of evolving cyber threats and with their resources can confidently assert that our clients’ networks are safeguarding from intrusions. To learn more, Click Here


aligning-objectives-fw Benefits of Malwarebytes

To understand how Malwarebytes can help secure your network and avoid the costs of downtime from malware, Click Here

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